January 22, 2012

A Fantasy Adventure from the Magical Land of Snogard

We open with the Dragons in their Mythical Realm of Snogard it looks a lot like Switzerland, the Alps with snow. We see a version of the Matterhorn, it looks familiar but somehow different to us.

The dragons do what dragons have always done.  They live their lives in peace.  Some are trained to fly in aerial obstacle course races with human riders on their backs these are brave and daring teenagers from Snogard and it should remind us of Pandora in Avatar.

Riding Dragons is wild fun, it's also dangerous it takes enormous skill to be a Dragon Rider.  We see Kings and Queens down below in the Snogard Castle watching in awe.  Male Knights and Female Knights compete in dragon-jousting as they fly through the air, this is an equal rights mythical kingdom. 

The tranquility is shattered with sudden violence when Snogard Vikings swoop in from the sky on their own Flying Gremlins these vikings are a fierce band of warriors intent on conquering peaceful Snogard. 

The Dragons of Snogard are also Defenders they help protect the Castle and the People from the Viking invaders.


And just as the battle is getting really good, the shot
abruptly cuts to -- a Televised Baseball Game -- 

We pull back to reveal that Snogard is actually an animated movie that our two hero kids in small town America are watching on TV on this rainy Sunday afternoon.  They are very upset the channel was changed.

"Dad we were watching a really great movie about dragons!"

And we meet 12 year old Sarah and her 11 year old brother Adam sitting in their den watching TV but Dad has changed the channel to the baseball game he tells the kids to "go watch your silly dragon cartoon in the basement."  Mom looks in from the kitchen and frowns.

Sarah: "Dragons aren't silly they're wonderful."

Dad: "They're silly because they aren't real."

Sarah: "That's what you think. Baseball is silly."

Dad: "Baseball is real. Dragons are just legends."

Adam: "Dad's right you know. The Red Sox are real
and they're legendary too. Dragons are made up."
Mom tells the kids to go out on the porch and bring their new puppy inside, the dog wants to go for a walk even though it's raining but Sarah takes the dog for a walk in the rain anyway she just puts on her raincoat and they run around the block having real fun in the pouring rain.  Sarah is popular all her neighbors wave to her.

Cute Puppy will get to romp and play with the Cute Baby
Dragons in Act Two that's why we see cute puppy here.
And we return to Snogard to see all our Dragons fly through a magical portal to escape from the Vikings. This portal is only to be used in an extreme emergency and the Dragons have only used it once before a long time ago.  

Now they have to use it again because the evil Vikings have over-powered Snogard. Our Dragons have to re-group here in our world to save their own world.  

So the Dragons of Snogard are transported to our small town where Sarah and Adam live it's the town of Shenandoah in Virginia 58 miles west of Washington D.C. 

The Dragons appear here on page 15.  Something has gone very wrong in Snogard so here they are now in our world.  

Cut to Air Force radar screen that shows the dragons flying in formation -- the air traffic controller is naturally alarmed -- he summons his commanding officer who's equally alarmed --

This could be a surprise enemy air attack -- the Alert sounds --
And a pair of F-22 Raptors take off from Andrews AFB --
Alpha Bravo we are going vector west to Shenandoah.


ETA to target is two minutes going to afterburners.

The Raptors streak over the area but they don't make any visual confirmation -- because the dragons can camouflage themselves like chameleons they can blend in with their surroundings perfectly and since the dragons are perched on mountain sides -- no more airborne blips on the pilots head-up displays.  

Our pilots (one male, one female) are confused but they radio back to base to report "negative visual confirmation” and they head for home.  “Must have been phantom blips no way planes could disappear so fast like that.” And they return to Andrews.

The dragons fly low to the ground thus avoiding any more radar appearances. When they fly over the town it’s like the Predator in the jungle so they cast their shadows but when people look up they don’t see anything just shadows on the ground very strange.  Cops in cars see the shadows, look up but see nothing.  

The dragons are in luck -- they find the famous Luray Caverns because this movie takes place in the picturesque town of Shenandoah Virginia which has rolling green mountains that are part of Shenandoah National Forest.

Our dragons swoop in to the Luray Caverns this is where they are going to spend their time here when they are not flying around and it's where the kids in this movie will discover the dragons when they go exploring they go look for the dragons after their first encounter.

There's fresh water for the dragons to drink in here.

Late Sunday Night the dragons howl up at the moon.
They are sad and forlorn and lost; it's not their old
moon. They are now strangers in a very strange land.

They can see the moon from inside the cave there is a wide jagged hole in the ceiling of the cavern.  They go to sleep and we dissolve to... 

Monday morning nice and warm, sunny blue skies, we see the kids get on their school bus.  Dads and Moms drive to work. 

But the neighborhood jerk is late he runs out to his car cursing, he's just half-dressed for the office he throws his briefcase and suit jacket into his car and drives off at very high speed. 

We cut to a twisting mountain road -- Skyline Drive --

here comes the angry jerk driving very fast he causes a

multi-car accident due to his reckless driving -- and 

there goes the school bus -- !

 The driver swerves and slams on the brakes but it’s too
late -- they’re going too fast and the bus flies off the road -- !

but two dragons grab onto the bus full of kids to save

them just as they start to plunge off the 200 foot cliff --

the dragons fly the school bus to safety -- they snatch

the school bus out of the air as it drives through the

guard rail and flies off the cliff -- they grab it in their
huge claws and put it back on the road perfectly safe.  

Then the two dragons fly off into the sky and we see 

a blue dragon snatch the angry jerk in his car and he's
still driving like a maniac with road rage and we saw that
he alone triggered this multi-vehicle accident, nobody
died but they could have, so this blue dragon uses its
big claws and picks up the jerk's car and flies it with him

trapped in it over the town and the dragon drops the jerk
from 50 feet up -- he plummets -- and lands with a loud
boom! right in front of local police station all four tires
on his car explode! from the sudden high-pressure

He's arrested for drunk driving early in the morning

(one of the drivers up on the mountain road used his

cell phone to call 911 and gave the cops a clear

description of the car and the crazy driver).

So now our primary kids characters have been rescued

from death by this pair of mythical dragons, everybody

saw it there's no way to hide the dragons they are
all over the place now, a dozen dragons in the sky.

Police Helicopters arrive and fly after the dragons.

The kids yell at their school bus driver to "follow those

dragons!" and the driver happily does so, this is fun.

 The dragons fly in between the Blue Ridge Mountains

same way we saw them flying in Snogard in the opening.

Sarah on the school bus she has a Dragons of Snogard
picture book with her in her book bag, she takes it out
and she shows her brother, "see it came true! my best
wish came true! look it's the Dragons of Snogard they're

here! they're here!" and he has to admit they really are. 

Now the dragons suddenly vanish they are once again 
flying invisibly so the police copters can't follow them
any longer nor can the school bus… which arrives at

school right on time and the kids get out, go into school

for the day, it won't be nearly as much fun as dragons. 


This is Adam he thinks his life is very dull
he never gets to have any real exciting fun.

While the dragons make themselves at home in the caverns
which are conveniently Closed To The Public Today Only
(The rain storm flooded the parking lot.)

We return to see the kids struggling to make it through the day
at school it's so boring compared to the excitement of dragons.

Many of them get in trouble for drawing dragons on their math tests. Their teachers are not amused and remind them that "dragons aren't real what you children saw was a flock of giant hawks or falcons or perhaps giant eagles or giant bats."

"But they grabbed onto the bus and saved our lives!"

Outside the police are inspecting the top of the school bus with the bus driver, there are Giant Claw Holes in the roof of the school bus where the Dragons grabbed onto it to save the kids.

3 pm school is over for the day, here come the kids back on the bus for their ride home but no dragons are seen this trip so it's very dull going home compared to all the morning excitement.  Where did the dragons go? 

Monday Night and we're back at Andrews Air Force Base.
CIA and NSA agents show up and they are going to examine the top secret radar data tapes in depth, they don't think the blips were phantoms they are very worried this is some new terror tactic and they aren't taking any chances.  They follow the pattern of the blips to the small town on their vehicle GPS computers, arriving at 2 AM.

Dissolve to Tuesday morning… the town is now surrounded it has quickly been invaded by Homeland Security Officers and Army Special Forces Troops so the town is now under Martial Law effective immediately.  

The Army General in charge of “Operation Lockdown” is our villain the man we love to hate, he looks like Dick Cheney and he's just as mean.  He's also a turncoat a traitor he will join forces with the Snogard Vikings when they arrive in Act 3 he's a very bad guy.

Act 2 adventure here. As the town is surrounded the kids sneak up to Luray Caverns to look for the dragons. We see how beautiful Shenandoah National Park is it's amazing with a series of waterfalls the kids hike up.

We saw this in "Super 8" and it was great we want our kids to go on an adventure to find the dragons and when they do they have to communicate with them, it turns out that

Sarah is the one who's able to speak their language.

She knows so much about them she becomes the Dragon Whisperer.  The only girl in the world who can do this.

JJ proved there's a large audience for an adventure like this and this movie is far more commercial than Super 8 was. This is a bigger movie and the start of an enormous franchise. 

We see dragon eggs hatch and baby dragons pop out to play with cute puppy dog. The baby dragons will soon help their parents win this epic battle upcoming. They grow very fast here due to our world's different atmosphere. From new-born to full-size in one minute here. This will be a very funny visual effect sequence.


To up the stakes and add more drama we now have those angry awful Snogard Vikings arriving here via the same magical dimensional portal -- those evil vikings -- who hope to capture the dragons and use them to conquer other mythical lands in the mythical world from whence they came.  The Vikings will also enslave the people in our world so they have to be defeated fast.

The dragons and the kids and some parents now have to team up and work together they have common foes.  Act 3 is going to be major action fast and furious starting with a group of Army Apache and Cobra Helicopter Gunships --

that are flown in to blast the dragons out of the sky!  Wild high-speed aerial action dogfight scenes here as the dragons use their fire flames to blast the gunships out of the sky!  

Flying Dragons - dragon, hd, 1920x1080, dragons, adventure, fantasy, sky, cloud, wide, flying

Guess who sees this low-flying attack copter through
his car window?  The angry jerk -- he spent the night
in jail and now he's driving home in a rental car, he's
all sobered up and he sees this right in front of him.

Along with that same blue dragon who once again picks
up his car and takes him right back to the police station!

This will be our biggest laugh, audiences will love it. 

The attack copter launches a missile at the blue dragon
but it misses, however it sure scares the angry jerk!

Missile flies right through his open car windows! it goes
in and out! above the back seat! right behind his head! 

He faints from the fright but wakes up when blue dragon
drops him in front of the police station again, boom! and
 again all four tires explode! from the high-pressure drop! 

All this action might give us a PG-13 Rating.  If we want a "PG"  
then we will tone it down so nobody is injured or killed but these are Real Dragons and in the Deathly Hallows we saw Harry & Hermione & Ron see a dragon flame a Gringotts banker elf to death he was roasted alive by the dragon's fire. 

Ron had the funniest line of all the films he said "that was unfortunate" and it was but it was realistic and great.

So here's our very smart PG rating solution --

We can split the difference here so that the dragons won't kill any American Helicopter Pilots at all.  The dragons will fly and evade their Heat-Seeking Missiles. 

The dragons will only use their flames to blow up the missiles
and some Remote Control Robotic Drones the Army sent in --

Boys will enjoy seeing these drones
Flamed and Exploding in Mid-Air!

We see our hero kids group help save their small town and the action is going to shift east to Washington D.C. our main characters riding on the backs of the dragons.

The dragons have to get to D.C. to return home it turns out the magical vortex portal will open there very soon.

(We have to pay homage here to Harry and Ron and Hermione riding on the backs of various dragons in the Harry Potter movies, we have to acknowledge what’s already proven to be so especially pleasing to kids and adults; everybody loved seeing those flying dragons in Potter World so we have to use this to our advantage.)   

We can even have Sarah shout as she’s flying on the back of one of the dragons, “Look at me I'm just like Hermione!”  Her brother Adam says, "I'm just like Harry!"

Remember the audience for this movie and think back to when you were 10 or 11 years old.  You'd love this movie and you would also love that it mentions Harry Potter. 


We cut to the War Room underneath the White House --

"Sir incoming dragons approaching from every
damn direction now there's so many of them!"

Big Action Finale in Washington D.C. we want to see the dragons fly over the city above every famous landmark especially the White House the Lincoln Memorial the Jefferson Memorial the Washington Monument and the big white Capitol Hill Rotunda. 

We see two dragons fighting each other
on the roof of the White House --

As far as the dragons are concerned this big white house is no different from the white castle they used to fight atop of so it's      the same exact visual set-up and same framing as before.
White House also has men acting as guards up top.

  The President and his Secret Service 
   have to evacuate fast in Marine One! 


President will look out the windows on Marine One to see
this amazing battle taking place all around as he flies away.

Dragons will fly past his window with our kids riding on
the dragons. They smile and wave to him, he waves back.

So the overall impression of our kids flying on the dragons
will be similar to Quidditch.  High-Speed Aerial Action.

Our main kids talk to each other on their phones to
plan their strategy that Sarah whispers to her Dragon.

Also arriving now from Snogard are those brave Male Knights
and Female Knights we saw in the beginning and those daring
teenagers who ride the royal dragons to help win the battle.

 The battle that was interrupted will now be completed here

The enemy Vikings from Snogard fly in on their own mythical creatures they are some weird kind of all-new flying creatures we’ve never seen before. They look like Flying Gremlins very bizarre creature designs.


This fight now takes place in the White House Rose Garden.
Not something you normally see on the tour but today you do,
today is very different, we have dragons from snogard here.

And this scene will now take place on the White House
South Colonnade that's adjacent to the Oval Office.
Similar architectural design.  A cosmic coincidence.



And with the battle over, the President 
will happily return to the White House.


"All clear for Marine One to land on the lawn."

Our brave knights and heroic dragons are victorious they defeat their viking enemies and General Cheney. Hooray our world is saved from destruction, at least for now.

Hank Cheney is arrested for treason and taken away. He tried to help the Snogard Vikings Conquer America so he could become the Dictator he always wanted to be here. 

We learn that Hank Cheney is really a Snogard Viking Wizard who's lived here in our world all this time just waiting for the vortex portal to open the way it did. It was foretold centuries ago. 

He was an evil wizard in Snogard long ago and in the sequel you will learn more about him, he will be our Voldemort, he's going to escape from our world and return to Snogard (where he was banished) to regain all of his evil powers there.  Sarah will have to stop him.

(This reveal of who and what Hank Cheney really is will be as much fun as when we learned at the end of Roger Rabbit that Judge Doom was really an Evil Toon.)  

Hank Cheney will return here from Snogard in Part 2 much more powerful and extremely angry at how we treated him, turns out it was a bad idea to arrest him and send him to prison. All it did was make him worse. We should have sent him straight back to Snogard.

Here he is in Snogard when he was much younger (400 years ago) wearing his red cape and magically controlling these fighting dragons. Sarah is a Dragon Whisperer but Cheney is a Dragon Dictator who wants to rule not just Snogard but our world too.

So we make Cheney a supernatural villain. This way we don't upset any Republicans or the Pentagon who we want to provide us with high-quality military footage of Raptor fighter jets and Apache & Cobra helicopters.

All we need is their footage, we won't need the actual Raptors and Cobras and Apaches, no need for the extra expense of using the actual military flying vehicles, they are very costly to rent. 

Sorry for this Bush photo it's the only one I could find
that shows all of the South Lawn and the Monument.

Our President walks out onto the Truman Balcony overlooking the South Lawn of the White House and he's waving the Stars & Stripes of the American Flag. 

He wants to negotiate a truce with the Lead Dragon who hovers 50 feet up in front of the President to thank him and apologize for all the trouble they caused. 

Sarah translates for the President she is still riding on the back of this leader dragon his name is Zorgar of Snogard. She tells Prez they just want to go home. Prez says that sounds like a very good idea.

Oh look who's here it's King Charlatan of Snogard flying in on his royal dragon from the same vortex portal, Mr. President gives King Snogard a tour of the White House it's a funny scene. 

(Picture Robin Williams in a cameo as King Snogard. Robin would be hilarious in this part. Or Eugene Levy he would also be very funny here especially if he does his old "Sid Dithers, Mr. Confused" character from SCTV.)  

For more comedy, when King Snogard takes his tour of the White House we are going to see these "Kids Science Fair" Exhibits below on display and King Snogard is going to take this White House Marshmallow Launcher with him back to Snogard,

it turns out that dragons love marshmallows so we will see King Charlatan launching marshmallows to the dragons from the Truman Balcony, the dragons will swallow them in mid-air --

it shoots a whole bag of marshmallows rapid-fire like a machine gun, kids will laugh like crazy at this it's a perfect visual sight gag but the movie isn't over yet the best part is still ahead.


This is too good not to use in the movie it's hilarious
and it's real so we're going to borrow it with these
science fair kids they will get to cameo in the movie.

(Actual video of Obama doing this at the very end below.) 

End of the movie our hero kids and some of the parents fly with the dragons back into Snogard they follow the king back through the vortex which has opened up in the sky above the White House South Lawn the Washington Monument points straight up into the vortex portal. 

Our kids ride the dragons back to Snogard, dissolve to --

The final four pages of the script take place in Snogard and that’s where the movie ends because we want the sequel to take place primarily in Snogard.  The ruling king and queen reward our heroes and invite them to stay for a while since it's their summer vacation time. 

We go to a montage now of all our hero kids competing in the Dragon Races we saw in the beginning, it’s the most fun they’ve ever had they are now actually Riding the Dragons in Snogard.  Sarah says "this is a lot more exciting than summer in Virginia."  And cute puppy dog barks in approval he's riding on the dragon with her.

Think kids will enjoy this movie? They'll go see it 2 or 3 times.  

If you don't believe this is a huge multi-media franchise with enormous after-release spin-off potential for consumers, click on these two links below to see all the varied dragon toys for sale:
We won't have to make new dragons we will simply license the Snogard Dragons to all of the existing dragon toy manufacturers and they will sell their own versions of our Dragons and our Studio will get a nice big profit percentage. Toy companies will be very happy to put a new label on their dragons. 

There are so many kids dragon toys but when this movie opens then kids will only want to own our Snogard Dragons so parents will pay a higher price for our colorful movie dragons to please their kids. 

We will also have a video game and coloring books and a series of kids paperback story books and a Saturday morning cartoon plus an after-school cartoon that airs five days a week, this is the kind of multi-media property that can work across the board on every level for major ancillary profits. 

The sequel will take place primarily in Snogard it's a truly fantastical realm and the dragons are just the first creatures we see there.  We can have a dozen other mythological creatures for our main characters to have further adventures with.  

In the sequel, Acts 1 & 2 will be set in Snogard and

 then all the creatures will again cross-over into our world for more pandemonium so we will have as many wild mythical creatures as we want invade the USA, the sequel will be -- 
The Monsters from Snogard

with Act 3 taking place in Las Vegas for big fun.  We will have an even wilder climax in the Sequel.  

This can also be great for Disney -- 
Disney's Dragons of Snogard

       These kids are our primary audience they
       are going to absolutely love this movie it
        will be their generation’s Wizard of Oz. 
  Kids should be allowed to discover on their own:

“Hey Mom, did you know that Snogard, if you

spell it backwards -- it spells Dragons!”


they can change color instantly in seconds,

many dragons won't be seen until the sequel

Theme Park Attraction will have
Giant Animatronic Dragons. 

   This two-headed dragon will be a star.  

The two heads will move independent of each other.
They will also snarl at each other and bite each other.

"Dad look at that one! it has two heads and they're fighting!"

The wings will also flap it might even levitate, all
while tourists drive past with their video cameras.

   This is the King Dragon, Guardian of Snogard.

You'll learn all about him in part two, these dragons
have a very long history with great big mythology. 

King Dragon has been Frozen in Suspended Animation
for over 500 years.  Sarah will be the one who finally
frees King Dragon from the evil wizard's curse.

An evil wizard named... Hank Cheney...

His original Snogard name is "Dragonescular"
and he was the Dark Lord of Snogard long ago.

Nobody else has ever been able to lift his curse.
Sarah is the only one with the ability to do this.
We will learn she is of Royal Snogard Heritage.

She will grow up to be a Snogard Princess and eventually
Sarah will become the Queen of Snogard many years from now. Sarah is Destined to do Great Things in Life. She is truly the Chosen One that the Old Prophecy foretold. 

Think Girls will enjoy this Movie Series? They'll love it.
So will the Boys this has all the Adventure they long for.

  Snogard is a world of varied terrains.

From Snowy Mountains to the
Sahara Deserts to Grand Canyons
to Tropical Jungles.  Our kids will
get to explore all the regions in Part 2.
Dangerous mystery awaits them in Snogard.


Sarah in Dragonescular's Cave in Snogard.
She's developing Real Magical Power here.

We really need to convey that Sarah's Magical
 Powers are blossoming with her onset of puberty.

I want her to be physically bigger and stronger
in the Sequel so we're upping her age by 2 years.

She will be 14 in part two as illustrated above.

          Sarah is going to become a Warrior Princess.
         Her journey of adventure has just begun here. 

        We will produce three movies over six years. 

       Girls want to see Sarah age 12 to 14 to 16.

         Her brother Adam will go from 11 to 13 to 15.

         This way both Girls & Boys will see all three.

            But Sarah is the Real Hero in this Trilogy. 

           She will be the one to defeat Dragonescular.
         Dark Lord Dragonescular returns home to be
  greeted by his favorite guard-dragon Skeletalis.

Aquatica - Guardian of the Snogard Sea

         100 feet beneath the surface lies
         the sunken city of draconis, our
          heroes have to find the lost idol 
          in order to return to our world.

Dragons And Unicorns Flying

Dragonescular uses the forces of Nature to destroy Snogard
 and he creates an atomic blast from a clear blue sky but
Sarah uses her magical power to trap it in a defense bubble
or this event could take place in Shenandoah Virginia.   

By the time we get to our third part of the trilogy
Sarah will have grown to be a true warrior princess
the most powerful dragon whisperer of all time. 


 We're using video below in the movie we are going to pay 
the guy who made it for his rights and we will put this
scene in Luray Caverns when the kids arrive and Sarah
whispers to the Dragons.  We will see Adam has brought
his guitar with him and he will serenade the dragons
with his guitar.  They love music the same way this
wonderful amazing golden retriever loves music --



Obama may have just had his favorite day as leader
of the free world. At a White House Science Fair on
Tuesday, Obama perused projects designed by more than
100 students from across the country who were invited 
to demonstrate their latest inventions for the President.

With his science geek on full display, Obama gleefully
partook in a demonstration of the "Marshmallow
Cannon," blasting marshmallows at the drapes
of the State Dining Room, to the delight of the
White House press corps capturing all of it.